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Teaching Staff

We believe the best conceived plans need exceptional leaders to execute them.

Our unique learning environment requires that teachers possess extensive knowledge in their subject area and excel in the use of contemporary teaching methods. It has taken over 20 years of travelling and teaching to summon together the finest teachers for our programs. Together, the Upper Grand District School Board with MEI, select staff based on their academic knowledge, travel experience, and most importantly their passion for teaching young adults.

As a testament to how the MEI experience impacts students, many of our alumni return as faculty members after completing their university degrees. They return, wanting to give back what they received as students. Students and parents will have an opportunity to meet the staff and teachers during online predeparture sessions held before each trip begins.

Positions Available

Teachers have an opportunity to teach in a unique and interactive environment when teaching overseas. MEI programs are designed and operated by teachers with the intention of making this educational experience rejuvenating and energizing for teachers and students alike. We are looking to fill two types of positions:

Teaching Assistant
  • Requirements
  • Qualified to teach Intermediate and Senior subjects
  • Two years of teaching experience in a course that MEI offers, along with professional references See the courses we offer here
  • Travel experience
  • Job Description
  • Student evaluation and aiding in lectures
  • Aiding students with studying, essay writing etc.
  • Documenting the experience by taking photos
  • Chaperoning excursions with students
  • Completion of report cards and anecdotal comments
Master Teacher
  • Requirements
  • Teaching experience with international education programs
  • Qualified to teach Intermediate and Senior subjects with at least 5 years experience teaching a minimum of one subject that MEI offers See the courses we offer here
  • Travel experience in the location(s) where the course(s) will be conducted
  • Job Description
  • Participation in the curriculum design with MEI staff
  • Conduct class lectures and lessons
  • Chaperoning excursions with students
  • Completion of report cards and anecdotal comments

Application Process

Fill out the form below
Select Educator > Teacher and "Applying to teach with MEI Academy" under "Reason for Contacting". Staff will email a link to our detailed application form if there is a need in the programs that best suit you and your qualifications.
Fill out our detailed application form
If contacted, complete the detailed application form, including an up-to-date resume.
Schedule a phone introduction
One of our program directors will contact you to learn more about your skills and experience.
Schedule an in-person interview
Together we will schedule a one-on-one interview at our offices with one of our senior staff.

The World is our Classroom

Think you have what it takes to be an Assisstant or Master Teacher with MEI Academy? Fill out the form below to help us get to know you. Our staff will respond as soon as possible.