Since the onset of COVID-019, MEI Academy has been committed to developing strategies to help students continue to learn. Health and safety have always been at the forefront of our decision‑making, and the care for our students, teachers, and community is our main concern.

For over 23 years, MEI Academy has been offering experiential courses around the world without interruption. This March was the first time that we were forced to take quick action to cancel the travel portion of our spring programs, just days before departure. We made the necessary changes and are now successfully delivering engaging synchronous Online Live courses.

This summer we began our Online Live summer program with over 200 students, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Although online work does not compete with our experiential programs in the world, they will serve as a useful learning tool as we gradually open up our World Classroom doors.

When can we travel again?

We are committed to moving forward and reopening our experiential programs once we're confident that it is safe to travel again. We think that time could be this fall. We will look at each program individually and base our decision to proceed on the latest data––including guidance form national and local health officials, travel protocol and advisories and numbers of COVID cases in each location we travel. As programs open this does not mean that we won't take preventive action in rerouting or cancelling a program if necessary.

Domestic Travel Options

Our new programs focus on travel in Canada and connecting our courses to a diverse and rich environment. Our partnerships with outfitters, golf clubs, airlines, and hotels and universities allow us to expand experiential education that tests our students' sense of adventure. We'll be posting our new courses over the next few weeks so that you plan ahead.

Online Live Programs for fall 2020: TERM Program

Although online courses do not compete with our experiential programs, there is a useful place for online sessions when planning your World School agenda. Our two-month, two-course TERM programs provide students with flexibility in completing their high school education and affording them time to work. As each of our programs reopens, we have dedicated teams to ensure that you are made aware of what's available.

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Our approach to reopening our World Classroom

MEI recognizes that making the world our classroom again will have its challenges, but we are confident that our people and communities will be up for it. If COVID-19 provided anything it is the realization that we are all interconnected on this planet, and it highlighted the importance of becoming a world citizen. This is how we intend to move forward with our programs while keeping our staff, students and community safe. As we open up each program we will make an informed decision, and take every step possible to keep everyone safe. Every program will look a little different, but we will focus on keeping each other safe.

  • Limiting program sizes

  • Testing prior to the start of the program

  • Using face coverings when necessary

  • Screening for symptoms

  • Practicing proper hygiene

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Registering | Payments | Cancellations

When registering for a program, we will issue a timeline for deposits and program payments that provide reasonable time for cancellations. (Each program has a program-specific timeline and set of conditions.) Although each program will be slightly different, students will be given a chance to withdraw from a program if there are health risks. See each program detailed policy for registration and cancellation policies.

Thanks to all our alumni, teachers, parents and friends that have been incredibly supportive during the past few months. We are looking forward to what new opportunities the world has to offer. Stay safe, be well, and never stop learning about the world and how to live in it.

Online and in the World

Students depend on MEI to deliver the best in education by staying creative in delivering knowledge, teaching skills, and providing a meaningful experience. We have created a synchronous learning platform that affords our teachers the opportunity to engage with students one-on-one and in small group sessions throughout the day. Our access to the best teachers across Canada allows us to bring the highest level of instruction into your home, virtually. Our Online and in the World program combines the best of both worlds: the virtual and the real world. We have devised a perfect balance between learning and experiencing in our new options.


MEI International Academy | Global High School

Why MEI is Completely Different

Our guiding principle has always been to encourage students to learn about the world and how to live in it. It isn’t enough to travel abroad, visit historical sites and museums, and expect meaningful connections to happen automatically. Our mission is to offer a global high school experience with each lesson designed to inspire REAL education in the locations we visit.

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Why Experience Matters


Education evolves—and this causes people to feel unnerved because change challenges the status quo. For over twenty years, MEI has challenged the status quo, continually improving the learning experience. This year, we are poised to do it again as we develop new programs around the globe.

Twenty years ago, we set sail for the Greek Islands to begin our first fall semester program with a crew of 24 high school students—this had never been done. To travel throughout Europe for 93 days and....

From Start to Finish

The MEI day is a finely crafted experiential journey. It connects students with their surroundings and brings the adventure to life!

Our Staff

We believe the best conceived plans need exceptional leaders to execute them. Our unique learning environment requires that our teachers possess extensive knowledge in their subject area and excel in the use of contemporary teaching methods. It has taken over 20 years of travelling and teaching to summon together the finest teachers. Staff are selected based on their academic knowledge, travel experience and, most importantly, their passion for teaching young adults.

As a testament to how the MEI experience impacts students, many alumni return as faculty members after completing their university degrees. They return wanting to give back what they received as students.

Students and parents will have an opportunity to meet the staff and teachers at a pre-departure meeting held before each trip begins.

Our Students

MEI attracts engaged, motivated students who are looking for adventure and a COMPETITIVE EDGE. Embarking on any MEI adventure is a chance to join a team of students who are eager to take their educational journey to the next level.

Our Students

MEI attracts engaged, motivated students who are looking for adventure and a COMPETITIVE EDGE. Embarking on any MEI adventure is a chance to join a team of students who are eager to take their educational journey to the next level.

Let us help you plan ahead

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